Kenneth (left) and I (right)

I’ve spent the morning reflecting on the profound conversation I had yesterday with one of my heroes Kenneth Tharp CBE. He was a huge part of why my #GetDyl2Cambridge campaign went viral on Twitter and I’m forever grateful to him for his continued support and wisdom.

Initially it was meant…

David Hume (right) and I (left)

Note: Written in my first year at University College London (UCL)

The focus of this essay is to compare inductivism with falsificationism in terms of which is a better account of how scientific knowledge is acquired. I shall first state the problem of the essay, and outline the main alternative…

Science and Religion Have More In Common Than It Might Appear

The issue of free will and determinism is a longstanding theological, philosophical and scientific problem that has been debated vehemently for centuries. The focus of this essay is to examine whether the accounts of compatibilism presented by Thomas Aquinas (1225–1274) and Rene Descartes (1596–1650) reconcile determinism and free will in…

Dylan Kawende FRSA

Founder @ OmniSpace | UCLxCambridge | Fellow @ Royal Society of Arts | Freshfields and Gray’s Inn Legal Scholar | Sci-fi & Beard Enthusiast

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